Photo SA Camera Club

Unleash Your Photographic Passion!

All levels of photographers are welcome, whether you prefer the digital realm or embrace the nostalgic beauty of film. Whether you’re just starting out, pursuing photography as a hobby, balancing it as a part-time passion, or even a seasoned professional, you’ll find kindred spirits and a supportive network of individuals who share your love for the craft.

Our Mission

We are a friendly group of photography enthusiasts dedicated to the advancement of photography as art, hobby and profession.

Imagine being part of a vibrant community where ideas flow freely and knowledge is shared generously. Our members come together to exchange insights and information, to uplift and encourage all aspects of photography. But it doesn’t stop there. We have regular programs, lectures, demonstrations, and competitions that allow you to showcase your work and fuel your artistic spirit. Not only enriching our members but also benefit the wider community.

Every meeting is an opportunity to explore a different topic, delving into various aspects of photography and expanding your horizons. From technical discussions to creative exercises, each gathering promises to inspire and challenge you in new and exciting ways.

Join Us

Join us today and embark on a remarkable photographic journey. Discover the power of community, knowledge, and shared passion as you uncover new dimensions of your creativity.

Photo SA Camera Club

– where artistry thrives and friendships blossom.